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Got Stretch ? Lee's Insane Q45

Lately there’s been this Q45 that’s been floating around all the stance pages that you’d have to live under a rock if you haven’t seen. Basically it’s being shared all over for the massive amount of camber and stretch that the owner is running and sticking genuinely to the VIP style that makes these cars stand out to the rest of the car community. That car is a ’97 Infiniti Q45 right out of San Diego, and Lee Cruz is said owner.


Cruz revealed a little secret to Cambergang about his stretch and how it’s actually possible, see; Cruz is a magician. He explained to us how his stretch is honestly only an illusion and not as crazy as everyone sees it. Now, don’t get me wrong, his specs and calculations are still out of control but there’s more than meets the eye.
He bought the car a few years back off an old man in Pasadena, California with the idea of building what he called a, “VIP build on a budget,” which essentially meant UAS bags, a set of no name 20’s and clean paint. He said he got no love or recognition for what he tried to do from the ever changing and super competitive car community except from one group. The Empire VIP family out of Hawaii found Cruz and recruited him into the team. This was when he realized he had to step his game up and pull off some crazy sh*t.
Currently he’s running Megan LP coilovers with swift springs with 32k and 28k spring rates, Megan front upper control arms with custom top hats for more camber and an S14 conversion, and an S13 rear conversion along with Megan upper/lower control arms and toe and traction arms. The wheels are “step lipped” Work Emitz, 19x10.5/11.5, which honestly doesn’t sound that crazy, but you haven’t heard the half of it.
All this fanciness allows Cruz to run -15 degrees of camber up front and -17 degrees in the rear, which he actually needs to have his fitment dialed in as perfectly as it is. The Emitz he’s running have a -25 offset in the front and a -22 in the rear, which doesn’t sound too aggressive so he added 50mm spacers all around to push the front offsets to -75 and the rear to -72, which is bananas. As for his stretch, The rims are originally 18” stepped up to 19”. He kept the outer lips as 19” stepped and changed my inners back to 18” straight barrel. He wrapped the Works in Falken 235-35-18’s that were mounted from the back side of the rim. Therefore, the bead seats perfect on the inner barrel and the outer bead sits on the step part of the outer lip and gives off the illusion of being super stretched without actually being super stretched and allows him to sit the fender between the lip of the wheel and the tire bead. It’s Magic people.
In the future Cruz plans on making a few changes to the Q. He wants to match the camber to -19 all around and keep the Emitz but run 13 inches wide in the front and 14’s in the rear which I can barely imagine in my head right now but he can care less about what anyone thinks because like every car enthusiast should, he’s building the car for himself and no one else.
Specific Modifications:
Engine: Stock. Custom exhaust, straight pipe from the cats back. 2.5” piping
Interior: Junction Produce neck pads, curtains. Black and white fusa. Alpine deck. Alpine amp, jl w7 sub. Full LED interior lights
Exterior: Pearl white paint off QX56, shaved all emblems, shaved antenna. Custom license plate. Custom black housing headlights. GT grandtouring grille. Front fenders rolled and pulled, rear fenders rolled and radius. 6k HID head and fog lights.
Megan LP coilovers with Swift springs. 32k and 28k spring rates
Front S14 conversion with ABS. Megan FLCA, custom top hat
Front camber at -15
Megan S13/14 rear toe, traction, RUCA, RLCA arms
Rear camber at -17. Im going to get my camber to match front and rear. Hopefully at least -19
Custom Work Emitz step lipped
Faces powder coated black with a flaked clear coat.
19x10.5 -25 with 50mm adapters so offset is -75
19x11.5 -22 with 50mm adapters so offset is -72
Words by : Evan Kaston
Photos by : Brandon Burke